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Here are some of my projects/scripts! Some might not be available to the public.

They aren’t the most elegant projects ever, but they were super useful to me when I made them.

Noteworthy #

  • Coral - A self-hosted music streaming service I am currently writing for my final year in university, to be open-sourced in May 2023
  • Overpass - A simple live video streaming service

2022 #

2021 #

  • ShootingStar - A Discord bot that provides a Tinder-type user experience for finding a place to live in the United Kingdom
  • nhs-vaccination-checker - An application made during the pandemic to look for earlier vaccination appointments

2020 #

  • amber - A tool to download high resolution artworks from the Minneapolis Institute of Art

2019 #

  • sharefile-api - A Python library for interfacing with Citrix Sharefile